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The Miracle Meal: Why Churches Love Our Communion Cups

While some churches remain traditional in their partaking of communion, more and more churches are making use of individual communion cups. Does your church use individual communion cups? If not, here are some reasons why you should.

  • Pre-packaged communion cups reduce the preparation time completely. You no longer need to pour hundreds if not thousands of cups and bread pieces of bread.
  • Serving communion is so easy. Instead of having all congregants get up and help themselves at certain times of the service, or pass trays throughout the church, people can grab a cup on their way into your auditorium,
  • Cleaning up is no longer a hassle. Everyone can simply throw their used cups in the dustbin on their way out. No dishes and no mess.
  • The health and safety aspect is a big plus, especially since Covid-19. Each cup has been individually packaged following strict health protocols. Plus, you no longer need to share a cup with someone else and potentially share any viruses.
  • At The Miracle Meal, we have personalised communion cups for churches. This serves as a great branding opportunity for your church.
  • Covid-19 has meant that many churches have not been able to meet in person. This has been difficult for many, but some rose to the occasion and still encouraged communion in this time. They held drive-through communion moments and this was made possible using pre-packaged communion cups.

There are many benefits to making the switch to pre-packaged communion cups. If your church hasn’t made the change yet, contact our team to find out how. The Miracle Meal is the leading manufacturer and distributer of the individual pre-filled communion cup in South Africa. We also have additional locations in South Africa, Canada and London.

We look forward to helping you serve communion cups at your next church service.

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