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The Miracle Meal Communion: The Gift Of Sunday And The Promise Of A New Week

How incredible is it to be part of a Sunday church experience, and share communion as a church? While some of us may still be experiencing church online, some are back in the physical building of church. But regardless of where we find ourselves physically on a Sunday, the gift that it brings intangible.

Worship, the word and a declaration of God’s goodness. It’s the beauty of a Sunday church service that helps set up our week. It’s about starting the week from a place of victory and being encouraged by the promise of a new week. We absolutely love Sunday’s!

So, while the day starts to settle and come to a close, we wanted to take this opportunity to share a prayer for the week to come. Perhaps take a moment to share communion together as you pray for what Christ has already done for us, and what He still plans to do.

Dear Father
We thank you for your goodness. We thank you for your grace. That while we don’t deserve it, you give it freely. Thank you for choosing us daily and being in our past, present and future.
Lord we pray that you would open our hearts as we enter into this new week. That we would step into it with fresh eyes and fresh perspective, and that you would guide our every step. May our victories by your victories, and our burdens be your burdens.

We declare your power, provision and blessing over our families, our friends and to everyone we meet. Thank you for all that this week will bring.

In your mighty name we pray,


From our team at The Miracle Meal USA, we wish you a blessed week. Contact us to find out more about our pre-packaged communion cups. Let every communion moment feel like Sunday. 

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