pre-packed communion cups

The Miracle Meal : Pre-packed Communion Cups

With our pre-packed communion cups, you can partake in communion in the simplest of ways. In just 4 easy steps, you can share communion at church, home or in your fellowship groups.



Easily peel back clear film seal to access the fresh unleavened wafer.


The unleavened wafer represents Jesus’ body that was scourged and broken.


Easily peel back foil seal to access the fresh juice.


The juice symbolises the blood of Christ.


Did you know that churches globally have been using our pre-filled communion cups for years now, and they can’t stop raving about the convenience and quality that we give them. Here’s why more and more churches are starting to use pre-packaged communion cups.

  • Individual pre-filled communion cups reduce the preparation time completely.
  • Serving communion is so easy. Simply grab one on the way in.
  • Cleaning up is no longer a hassle. Everyone can simply throw their used cups in the dustbin on their way out.
  • Health and safety is a big plus. Each cup has been individually packaged following strict health protocols.
  • At The Miracle Meal, we have personalised communion cups for churches. This serves as a great branding opportunity for your church.
  • Drive-through communion opportunities are available, plus you can take them wherever you go. Whether it’s to the hospital to pray over people, a prayer meeting at a school or in the comfort of your own home.


Our pre-packed communion cups have been a game-changer. If you would like to find out more about our different locations available in LondonCanada, the United States and South Africa, contact us today.




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