Communion Cups in London, Canada, South Africa, America

The Miracle Meal: Making Communion Accessible

We are focused on making communion accessible to everyone, with locations in South Africa, London, Canada and America. Not only that, but providing individual cups means that these can easily be handed out, gifted and shared. Here’s why communion is our greatest gift, as well as why our aim is to share it with the world.



The bible teaches that communion is an act of remembrance for what Jesus sacrificed for us on the cross. During the last supper, Jesus broke bread with His disciples and offered them a sip of wine from a cup. He shared that the bread represented His body and that the wine represented His blood spilled for all of mankind.

Anyone who believes in Christ and His sacrifice is welcome to share in communion. Using this opportunity to celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

Our pre-packaged communion cups includes a leavened wafer and grape juice, symbolising the body of Christ and the blood that He shed. Individual communion cups can easily be transported, shared and stored.

To find out more about communion cups available in South Africa, London, Canada and America, contact our team today. We can’t wait to get our communion cups in your hands soon.

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