Purchase Pre-Filled Communion Cups Online

The Miracle Meal: Purchase Pre-Filled Communion Cups Online

Did you know that you can purchase pre-filled communion cups directly on our websites? Whether you’re in South Africa,  Canada, Europe or America. We have manufacturing plants in all of these locations, plus we distribute to countries across the globe. This includes the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany as well as Australia, New Zealand, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique. Plus we have new locations being added constantly.


Our pre-filled communion cups include a leavened wafer and juice. Each cup is individually packaged with an easy-to-peel seal. Therefore the distribution of cups is incredibly simple. Plus the cups are 100% recyclable. It’s convenience that you can expect from a brand that believes in what it stands for.


The Miracle Meal was born as an act of faith to a difficult season. This season brought courage to pursue this God-dream and sharing it with others is a privilege.


To find out more about our communion cups, or to purchase pre-filled communion cups directly from our websites, click on the location links below. Because everything you need to know, is just a click away.


  • USA & Mexico
  • Canada
  • UK, Netherlands as well as Sweden & Germany
  • New Zealand & Australia
  • South Africa & Zambia as well as Botswana, Namibia & Mozambique
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