What are Communion Cups Filled With?

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Used on sacred occasions, communion cups have a significant role in Christian rituals. They carry a metaphorical load – epitomizing the blood of Jesus Christ, as per biblical texts, it is crucial to understand what fills these cups. This article will delve into the substance that fills communion cups, elucidating their symbolic significance.

Being familiar with what’s inside communion cups provides a deeper understanding of the Eucharistic celebration. This ceremony serves as a key element of Christian worship, where the theological implications go hand in hand with what fills the cups. Curious to find out what communion cups are filled with? Read on to discover more.

The Elements of Pre-filled Communion Cups

In most Christian ceremonies, pre-filled communion cups carry two elements: a wafer and a portion of juice. The wafer symbolizes the body of Christ, as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 11:24, where Jesus said, “This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me.”

The juice contained in the communion cup alludes to the blood of Christ, as signified in the New Testament. Importance is given to the fact that these two elements serve as visceral reminders of Christ’s sacrifice. Pre-filled communion cups offer a hassle-free, sanctified way of serving these elements during the Eucharist.

The Contents – Unleavened Wafers and Grape Juice

Typically, pre-filled communion cups feature a top film that, when peeled back, reveals the unleavened wafer. Unleavened bread is used as it mirrors the haste with which the Israelites left Egypt during the Exodus – they did not have time for the dough to rise.

Next comes the juice, sealed beneath the wafer. Opening the middle foil seal uncovers the juice, usually red grape in choice. Why grape juice? Simply because grapes symbolize fruitfulness in the Bible and it is often used to symbolize Christ’s blood.

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Simple and Orthodox, Yet Profound

The items packed in communion cups may seem simple: a wafer and some grape juice. However, these elements carry an intensity of symbol and significance in Christian rituals. The cups help believers to remember the price of their redemption and the covenant between Christ and mankind.

Importantly, the use of pre-filled communion cups, such as those offered by The Miracle Meal, carries the benefit of easy handling. The cups’ convenience, being ready to serve, silent to open, and recyclable, optimizes the spiritual experience by reducing the distractions of preparation and disposal.


The quest for what fills communion cups ends at the unleavened wafer and grape juice, elucidating the richness of Christian symbolism and the theology of the Eucharist. These elements, lodged within the convenience of pre-filled communion cups, carry the resonance of ritual and faith in every single serving.

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