What Is The Best Drink For Communion?

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People across the world engage in the sacred act of communion as a means of remembering the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This symbolic ritual, also known as the Eucharist, involves the consumption of bread and wine, symbolizing Christ’s body and blood. This article explores the significance of the drink used in communion, its traditional and contemporary interpretations, and the role it plays in this important Christian rite.

In Christian denominations worldwide where communion is practiced, grape wine has historically been the drink of choice. It is commonly accepted for its scriptural and symbolic connection to the life and sacrifice of Jesus. But is grape wine the only suitable drink for communion? As times have changed, the answer to that question has evolved, sparking interesting discussions on the best drink for communion. Let’s delve deeper.

An Overview of the Traditional Communion Drink

Traditionally, grape wine is utilized in communion ceremonies, its use rooted in biblical scripture and the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. During this event, Jesus established the tradition of communion, wherein he offered wine to his disciples, referring to it as his blood. Grape wine is used in communion to symbolize Jesus’ blood, shed for the forgiveness of humanity’s sins.

The use of grape wine also carries historical significance. Wine was a common beverage in ancient times, including during Jesus’ life. Its widespread use, coupled with its rich, deep colors, made it an apt symbol of Jesus’ sacrificial love and suffering.

However, the use of grape wine in communion has, over time, led to some concerns and discussions regarding its alcohol content, as well as considerations for those with dietary restrictions or certain medical conditions. These concerns have prompted a search for suitable alternatives.

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Modern Alterations and Alternatives

In the modern era, churches have adapted and adopted different variations of the traditional drink used in communion to cater to diverse congregational needs. For those wrestling with alcohol addiction, for example, the presence of wine may pose a real challenge. In such instances, non-alcoholic grape juice has been seen as a suitable alternative.

Non-alcoholic grape juice, with its similar taste and appearance to wine, still maintains the symbolic connection to the blood of Christ, while eliminating the challenges associated with alcohol. For the same reasons, it’s also a more inclusive option when serving communion to children or people with certain health conditions.

Another emerging answer to the question of the best drink for communion comes in the form of pre-packaged communion cups, such as those offered by The Miracle Meal. These cups are easy to open and silent, increasing the convenience and inclusivity of communion.

The Miracle Meal Communion Cups

The Miracle Meal pre-filled, pre-packaged communion cups have transformed the way communion is served and partaken. These cups come with grape juice and a wafer, providing everything needed for communion in a singular, easy-to-use package. Their discreet and silent open feature allows for seamless and distraction-free communion services.

The juice used in The Miracle Meal communion cups is carefully selected to maintain the symbolic relevance of the blood of Christ. The plastic cups add to their appeal, as they are recyclable, offering an eco-friendly communion solution.

Moreover, these pre-packaged communion cups have an impressive shelf-life of one year. With no preparation needed, they offer a more convenient, hygienic and efficient way to serve communion to a congregation of any size, responding effectively to the modern church’s needs.


In conclusion, the best drink for communion goes beyond personal preference, requiring a delicate balance between maintaining symbolic relevance, ensuring inclusivity, and adapting to modern needs. Traditional grape wine, non-alcoholic grape juice, and pre-packaged options like The Miracle Meal’s communion cups all offer different solutions to the varying needs of congregations.

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