Wafer Communion Cup

The Miracle Meal: Individual Juice & Wafer Communion Cups

The Miracle Meal manufactures and distributes individual juice and wafer communion cups across North and South America. These communion cups have been pre-packaged for your convenience. With an easy-to-open seal, you can partake of communion wherever you are. Whether at church, home or on-the-go.


We are proud to know that our juice and wafer communion cups have travelled the globe. We have clients who cannot travel without them, because they need a beautiful reminder of what Christ has done in their every day lives. Now you can do the same.


Our online store allows you to purchase boxes of communion cups to suit your needs. If you’re a big church, we also offer branding opportunities for you. Plus, we also have a 21-day pack which is great for those starting a new fast or to simply share with a small community group.


Communion cups can also be purchase online, on Amazon.


Experience the convenience of The Miracle Meal with our individual pre-filled communion cups. All packaging is also 100% recyclable, making it the fastest and easiest way to share communion.


Contact our team to find out more, or visit our website to purchase directly online. We offer juice and wafer communion cups, non-wafer cups as well as gluten-free options too. Ask us about our range.


  • USA & Mexico
  • Canada
  • UK, Netherlands as well as Sweden & Germany
  • New Zealand & Australia
  • South Africa & Zambia as well as Botswana, Namibia & Mozambique



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