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Prefilled juice and wafer communion cups Florida

We are no longer slaves to fear – the Bible is clear about this. Fear comes in many forms. It’s a distraction from our God given purpose. It consumes our thoughts and causes a mind shift which leads to depression.

It’s subtle and this is why we need to take every thought captive. Guard your eyes and your ears to protect your heart. What goes in through your eyes and ears is what ultimately you get to live out or believe.

Limit what you watch and listen to. Spend time around people that lift you up. Spend time with you heavenly father daily and take communion often.
We have made communion easy. A self contained pre filled communion cup that’s disposable making on the go communion easy to enjoy. Simplify your communion moment by having the Miracle Meal pre filled communion cup readily available.

With the increase in viruses namely COVID-19 #coronavirus there is absolutely no doubt that churches, life groups and gatherings should switch from the traditional method of communion to the safer, hygienic pre filled communion cup.

Our Pre Packaged Communion Cups are manufactured and packaged under strict national food standards approved by the FDA. This ensures each serving will be free from bacteria or any viruses.

We manufacture in Dallas, Texas, USA

To learn more or order visit or order online either at our company website or off Amazon

Peeling the foil layer for communion
Our God given purpose
sharing communion together
Taste & See that the Lord is good!
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