Having served in the church for over 25 years I have experienced different ways of taking communion. I have seen where a cup and cloth are passed from person to person and each person wipes before sipping. I have seen small glass cups passed around, have you ever tried filling 400 cups before a service, not an easy job. All these take time and use up valuable volunteer resource. Then I went to Linc Church and as I entered the auditorium I was given The Miracle Meal. This is so clever and so easy. The cup is pre filled and the wafer is also prepacked on the lid of the cup. Easy to hand out to congregation, a lot fewer volunteers needed and so easy for the congregation to use. And all that embarrassing action of wiping a cup or wondering who has touched the wafer before eating is all taken away. This simple solution will radically change your communion service. I highly recommend it.

Mr Allister Clark

The miracle meal is an amazingly simple, convenient and practical solution to administer church communion in today’s modern church. It’s practical from the process of order to hygiene, stock management (no waste) right through to the actual consumption of a very intimate and deep act of Gods amazing & miraculous gift to us of his body and blood. The guys at Miracle Meal understand this and make it easy for churches and believers all around the world to partake in Gods glorious meal. They make the practice of communion go way beyond church, into homes, businesses, hospitals and anywhere we need to connect over communion, from 1 meal to thousands. I would highly recommend you engage with the guys at Miracle Meal, they understand Kingdom are an amazing Blessing

Mr. Eric Hardy

The service has always been excellent. Sometimes we are concerned about a little residue in the cups. The last batch you sent are perfect.


We LOVE the Communion cups – they are super convenient & hassle-free. I also received awesome service from the team, they went the extra mile to get the order through to me even though I am in Namibia.

Anthea Van Wyk

So grateful that we get to have communion EVERY Sunday ‘Miracle Meal’ @redemptionsouthafrica Changed unto His image… “He did the same with the cup of wine after supper and said, “This cup seals the new covenant with my blood. Drink it—and whenever you drink this, do it to remember me.” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭11:25‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Lyndie McCauley Ministries

I love that as a family we always have the Miracle Meal close by in the kitchen, and can take it as and when we need. It’s conveniently packed and ready to take in times of prayer, thanks giving or as a take away to share with friends and family. #miraclemealforthewin ????????????????

Leigh Anne Paterimos

We have loved the many opportunities the Miracle Meal has created in our church to share Communion together! From creating meaningful gift packs for our team to go and pray for the sick in hospital to having a simple, hygienic and mess free option for our young children to use in Kids Church- We love the name ( it says it all) , the simplicity of use and the versatility of this little power pack.

Pastor Cath Slevin Of Linc Foundation

As a church and as an individual who deeply values taking communion on a regular basis, the Miracle meal has blessed us with its simplicity. It is wonderful for our 1200+ church family to be able to share in a moment of communion that is quick and easy to use. It has also been a valuable part of our small group life and gives us a great practical way to serve those who are sick or in need of care. We believe in the power of the Miracle meal to bring wholeness, healing, freedom and forgiveness; and would highly recommend it as a beneficial solution to using communion in small or large gatherings.

Tes Jahnig (Lead Pastor At Linc Church)

My wife and I have been using the Miracle meals Communion meals every night for a year and found it to be very easy to open cup And wafer, it has also given us a much greater understanding of what the Blood of Jesus really means and how his body was broken for us at the whipping post and is now whole, I always carry a few spare with me as it gives us the opportunity to get others set free and enjoy a much more personal relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Glen & Dorothy Symes

@themiraclemeal has changed the way we start our day and do life with our family. Anything from ill health to declaring well-being and thankfulness for the day ,the Miracle Meal has been incredible for us as a family. The easy to use peel back lids and the convenience of these cups have been fantastic and life changing !! Thankful @themiraclemeal❤

Nikki Stone – Life A Group Leaders

The Miracle has been so much more than a ‘communion cup’ alternative. For sure, it’s easy to access and simple for everyone to use, but beyond that it’s transformed the way we share the Lords meal as a church. Our church is healthier, and stronger genuinely because of the value we’ve placed on communion. Because of its ease and access we’ve been able to make communion a more regular part of our weekend experiences, and even encourage that people share it regularly in their homes. It’s been amazing.

Pastor Dylan Jahnig