Individually Packaged Communion Cups

The Miracle Meal: Individually Packaged Communion Cups In America

The Miracle Meal specializes in the production and distribution of individually packaged communion cups across America. We focus on delivering quality products that customers can trust, as well as products that we believe in. We have been stirred in faith to share the gift of communion with the world, and it is our honor to share that with you.

Partner with us and lets share communion together. Share it in church, take it with you as you travel or take communion before an important meeting. Or simply share it at home in a quiet moment with God. With our individually packaged communion cups available in America, every communion moment is an easy one.


The bible teaches that communion is an act of remembrance for what Jesus sacrificed for us on the cross. During the last supper, Christ broke bread with His disciples and offered them a sip of wine from a cup. He shared that the bread represented His body and that the wine represented His blood spilled for all of mankind.


Anyone who believes in the sacrifice of Christ and believes that He died for their sins can participate in communion. It does not save anyone or redeem them, only inviting Jesus into their life can do that. But it does act as a reminder of the gospel and draw us back to the cross.


The bible talks about the church sharing communion together, but the local church looks different today than it did back then. We as individuals are called to be the church, and therefore communion can happen anytime, and anywhere. Whether it is at church, at home or in small ministry groups. Our remembrance of Christ and His sacrifice is not only limited to a Sunday service. Let us allow ourselves to remember Him always.

We at The Miracle Meal want to invite you to partner with us as we bring our individually packaged communion cups to churches and to homes across America. For more information about who we are and what we do, contact us today.

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