You have come to love The Miracle Meal and our pre-filled communion cups, but where did it all begin? We share how our passion for communion and a heart-breaking moment changed our lives. And we are forever grateful for this story. 

It all started in 2015.

Co-founders of The Miracle Meal, Dominic and Alidia Symes first experienced the individual communion cup Linc Church in Salt Rock. The idea was sparked and they immediately started doing research into creating this miracle meal. The primary focus was to supply communion cups at an affordable price to churches, schools as well as homes and more. Their hope was to supply the nations with this life-giving gift.  

While it remained on their heart for a while, it was only while they were on holiday in Singapore when things shifted. News came that Dominic’s dad had been diagnosed with cancer. This rocked their world. Because they had nowhere else to turn, they turned to Christ. They attended a church service at the New Creation Church in Singapore. It was here that they received confirmation about what had been on their hearts. The service focused on communion and how it was an integral part of healing, and it was healing that they needed.

It was with this heart and their vast experience in the business world that they pursued getting these pre-filled communion cups in the hands of the nations. They have since partnered with some great investors and business leaders across the world. This has allowed them to not only supply this gift in South Africa. They also supply The Miracle Meal communion cups in London, Canada and the United States as well.

With greater vision for more locations across the globe, their hope is share the gift of Christ and His Miracle Meal. You can partner with The Miracle Meal and help spread the good news of His healing sacrifice. To find out how, contact us today because we would love to hear from you.

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The Miracle Meal: Easy-To-Peel Pre-Filled Communion Cups In Durban

Did you know that The Miracle Meal South Africa pre-filled communion cups are easy-to-peel and available in Durban? Congregations no longer need to spend hours pouring hundreds, if not thousands, of communion cups per service. With a simple click, churches are now able to have boxes of pre-packaged communion cups delivered directly to them without the lengthy preparation time.

With 4 simple steps to opening The Miracle Meal, communion has never been easier.


Easily peel back clear film seal to access the fresh unleavened wafer.


The unleavened wafer represents Jesus’ body that was scourged and broken.


Easily peel back foil seal to access the fresh juice.


The juice symbolises the blood of Christ.

Our hope is to reach every part of the world with this life-giving gift. The true miracle of Christ remembered with every Miracle Meal.

If you would like to find out more about our different locations available in London, Canada, the United States and South Africa, contact us today. We look forward to partnering with you as we spread the love of Christ with our pre-filled communion cups here in Durban, South Africa.


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