You have come to love The Miracle Meal and our pre-filled communion cups, but where did it all begin? We share how our passion for communion and a heart-breaking moment changed our lives. And we are forever grateful for this story. 

It all started in 2015.

Co-founders of The Miracle Meal, Dominic and Alidia Symes first experienced the individual communion cup Linc Church in Salt Rock. The idea was sparked and they immediately started doing research into creating this miracle meal. The primary focus was to supply communion cups at an affordable price to churches, schools as well as homes and more. Their hope was to supply the nations with this life-giving gift.  

While it remained on their heart for a while, it was only while they were on holiday in Singapore when things shifted. News came that Dominic’s dad had been diagnosed with cancer. This rocked their world. Because they had nowhere else to turn, they turned to Christ. They attended a church service at the New Creation Church in Singapore. It was here that they received confirmation about what had been on their hearts. The service focused on communion and how it was an integral part of healing, and it was healing that they needed.

It was with this heart and their vast experience in the business world that they pursued getting these pre-filled communion cups in the hands of the nations. They have since partnered with some great investors and business leaders across the world. This has allowed them to not only supply this gift in South Africa. They also supply The Miracle Meal communion cups in London, Canada and the United States as well.

With greater vision for more locations across the globe, their hope is share the gift of Christ and His Miracle Meal. You can partner with The Miracle Meal and help spread the good news of His healing sacrifice. To find out how, contact us today because we would love to hear from you.

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The Miracle Meal: The History Of The Communion Cup

Communion is at the very core of our Christian faith, but what about communion cups? How did these small cups come to be? We look at how communion has evolved over the centuries, and how we arrived at the individual communion cup.

Back in the day every church would make use of a single chalice for what would represent the blood of Christ. Some still make use of them today, however after COVID-19 that may not remain true for long. Churches actually started introducing individual communion cups in the 1890’s when sanitation started to become an issue. Based on the current times that we live in, we can understand why churches would want to change.

Since the 1890’s, individual shot glasses became the trend. They would be served to congregants with a wafer, cracker or piece of bread. And along with all the time that went into preparing everything, the cleaning up process would then follow. Have you ever tried to wash 250 individual shot glasses? Or even 2500? This was standard practice for many years. Until…

The pre-filled communion cup. From the perfect amount of juice and the simplest wafer, to disposable cups that no longer needed to be washed. Life has made the act of communion so incredibly simple, just like the gospel. He loves you and He will love you forevermore, not because of anything you did or will do, but because He already did. He died for us so that we could have life, and life in abundance. And a pre-packaged communion cup just adds to that abundant life!

Our pre-packaged communion cups can be found throughout South Africa, as well as globally in AmericaCanada and London.


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Pre Packaged Communion Cups made in USA

Dreams became reality.

What started our as a dream in South Africa became a reality late December 2019. Our automatic communion machine arrived, on the shores of The United States of America, to help solve the problem most churches have with facilitating communion.

Our heart is to encourage churches to partake of Holy Communion more often without the fuss and mess of setting this up. The Miracle Meal pre-filled communion cup has made this possible. Each serving is supplied with a fresh wafer and sacramental juice.

Prefilled communion cups allow churches to distribute communion efficiently while maintaining traditional elements.


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2605 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Suite A, Dallas TX 75234, USA

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